Tuesday, October 23, 2007

House clothes and weird habits

I noticed one of my quirks yesterday and thought I'd see if anyone else had it or had similarly bizarre habits.

I have a set of clothes that I refer to as "house clothes" (they even have their own cubby shelf). They're not really pajamas because if I really wanted to I could potentially go outside in them un-harassed. But I don't, because they're sole existence is to be my go-to-house-clothes. Right now, the collection consists of a rainbow array of cotton wide leg yoga gouchoesque bottoms and cotton ribbed tanks from UO. The pants are exactly the same except I have them in a variety of colors (same with the tanks).

Anyway, I crave to be in my house clothes pretty much all day. Let's say I'm in a party or having dinner out, my house clothes are always on my mind I can't wait to go home and put on my house clothes. I think I've managed to recreate an adult version of the Linus-blanket. The moment I get home, the first thing I do is change into my house clothes - it doesn't matter what time of day it is, I'll put them on. It doesn't even matter if I know that I'll be going out again, I'll change into them and then change back into "going out" clothes only to be thinking about when I'd be in "house clothes" again.

I think it all stems from my childhood (of course). My mother always made me change into "house clothes" after school. As if I would soil my school clothes, it's not like I was wearing my Sunday-best or anything. I guess she thought that my "good" clothes would last longer if I didn't roll around and play in them?!??

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MJ said...

wait till you start having kids!! You'd be wearing the same clothes to go out and the same clothes the next day you wake up unless they got some nasty burp on them!! LOL! Funny, regardless 6 year old Nathan still tells me "You're sexy!mommy!" I guess he gets it from his dad!! That's why we need to spell out words here!! Actually seriously speaking i always find myself dressed up and ready to go even I'm home! I guess i got it from mom too!!