Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Last Night's Bummer #45: Chicken Livers with leeks

I attempted to make two antipasti dishes from Simple Italian Food and they were both very disappointing.

Although I'm not a fan of chicken liver or any other type of liver, I thought hey why not? I'm all about trying new things. Turns out that I truly dislike liver. The Chicken Livers with leeks, balsamic vinegar, and dried apricots (served with curly endive) was way too deep and rich for me. Too many "flat" flavors going on.

I also tried making Spiedini of Sea Scallops with marinated red onions, lemon and baby spinach, but that too fell pretty flat. Other than the marinated onions, there wasn't much going on in the dish.

But why do I have a feeling that if Batali prepared these dishes I would probably be singing a different tune?

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