Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Beauty-find tested

I wrote about Maybelline's Intense XXL Microfiber Waterproof Mascara a while back and I've been meaning to report my findings...

I layered this stuff on as thick as possible right before my hardest spin class - I wanted to test out the waterproof factor. After 45 minutes of sweat, this stuff stayed on like nobody's business. If anyone has ever seen me after a spin class then you know we're talking miracle product here.

My sister was right, this stuff is awesome! For under $10, you can't beat it. It definitely beats the Lancome stuff I was using before. Now I just need to find myself a good makeup remover... any suggestions?

Oh, I also wanted to see if mascara in general made a difference so I took a before and after shot.

Eyes look so freaky on their own, don't they?


nemencio said...

Mary Kay's oil free eye make up remover sis!

Tom said...

what in the world...Kuya Sonny, is that you??????????????????????