Friday, September 21, 2007


HAPPY FRIDAY!! Another week zooms by. I had takeout last night from our favorite Thai place, so no recipes I'm afraid. I'll be hitting the food shops this weekend so expect loads of new stuff next week. Have a great weekend everybody.

Like a good blogger, I actually do try and test out as many of the products that I mention (budget-permitting). So without further a do...

Dear Real Simple editors,
Liar liar pants on fire! You obviously did not test this product (OPI La Pazitively Hot) properly before recommending it. Uhmm, I look like I borrowed Barbie goes to the nail salon polish. How could you possibly claim that this color "works for everyone"? Nope, FALSE! Can I have my $8 back?

So you can see it in comparison to a neutral color

I honestly don't even know what to say about this - I'm lost for words.

One last thing, one of my sisters emailed me last night with a product recommendation. It's funny because there's nothing I find more gross than seeing dry cracked heels in sandals. I know that summer is over and I'll be seeing less and less of this, but a little prevention has never hurt anyone.

"Sally Hansen's Just Feet Visible Effect Foot Cream: Instantly smooth & soften dry, rough feet. It is soooo good that they even have a Money-back guarantee. It's only 5.99 for the 4 oz @ Target."

Not having a Target... hmmm another reason to leave the city =)

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Z said...

Thanks for the recommendation. These cracked feet need a MIRACLE!!! I'll try it out, will give you my opinion at a later date.