Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Beauty: Eye Brightener Update

I went to Sephora yesterday to try the Wonder Wand, Laura Geller. Unfortunately they didn't have the product so I browsed around looking for similar products. Ces, I didn't get a chance to try the Benefit Bright Eye stick, I was too scared to catch an eye disease using the Sephora tester. But I did find a product worthy of a mention - Photo Op Under Eye Brightener (Smashbox). It comes in a tube, a soft brush applicator - the formula is super light and definitely not cakey.

Here's the marketing shpeel:
Photo shoots often start at the crack of dawn when even models and celebs don’t look their best and dark circles loom. That’s why we created this innovative under eye brightener that immediately wakens and brightens skin while adding moisture to prepare for concealer application. Contains lots of skin-boosting ingredients too, like Vitamin C, red wine extract, peptides and marine collagen, to help fill in those nasty little wrinkles.

I can't vouch for the peptides and collagen claims, but I definitely liked the feel of the formula. It wasn't oily or heavy. It had tiny tiny beads of pearly shimmer so it really did highlight the eye area (I applied it all around, even on top). The pearly mini beads allow the light to reflect thus brightening the overall eye area. I wanted to wear it around for a couple of hours before shelling out the $18. I will more than likely go back and make the purchase!

It's available at Sephora or directly from Smashbox (they're currently running a free shipping offer)

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Z said...

Tried Photo-op by Smashbox...
1.Definitely love the way it feel on skin.
2.Feel that the effects are not lasting.

Not sure if I would add this as a permanent to my daily routine.

BTW can you blog on good mascara...
preferably ones that extend lashes. Am currently using Bourjois - Maxi-Frange...looking for something better....
And.....any tips for removing mascara under eyes without pulling on the skin so much? I use q-tips but is that the least damaging to your under-eye skin elasticity????