Wednesday, August 15, 2007


If I had an income... and if I could ever convince myself to pay more than $200 for a handbag.

I wish I could, but for now I'll just window shop and leave the shopping up to you guys:
1. Bell Wether Dress, Anthroplogie
2. Gibson Girl Boots, Anthropologie
3. L Frank Stacked Rings, these rings would make great wedding rings. Twist
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs - Dr Q Delancey Tote, Barneys
5. Costes by Hotel Costes, Apothia or at Aedes de Menustas

As for the home...

I could potentially save us for these lovelies:
1 & 2: Martha Stewart comes to Macys. Martha can you please adopt me?
3. I still need to get myself a Kitchen Aid Mixer. I've seen them cheaper on eBay.
4. I saw this cute grater in a small gift shop called Random near my neighborhood but unfortunately she doesn't have a website. You can also get it from or or at

Thanks to Bag Snob for sharing the Marc Jacobs bag and A Little Sussy for the L Frank Tri Gold ring.


michelle said...

Oh wow, I have had that dress on my wish list for ages, but it never goes on sale, If I see it go on sale, I will totally let you know!:0 What a great collection of enviable items.

Jade said...

i too love that bag. there will be knockoffs (from urban outfitters no less) come september.
that dress...pure delish. :)
thx for posting these!

Marichelle said...

I really should learn how to sew properly and take some pattern-making classes so I can make things that I can't quite afford.