Friday, August 10, 2007

Last Night's Dinner #9: @ Westville

Good old American Comfort Food (minus the Sangria) @ Westville - East Village
Difficulty: Rating in this case (3 stars) - I can't say that the burger was any better than any Diner's but I would definitely go back again to give it another chance. I would go back in a heartbeat for the freshly baked desserts!

We had dinner with our friends Jason and Joanna last night at Westville (American comfort food) to celebrate Jason's new job but to mourn his move to California (LA). Jason and I used to work together, back in my A&E Television Network days. I'm sure he'll end up writing a killer script and getting his own show one day.

I went for the classic burger with fries but forgot to ask for cheese. I also had sangria which was good, apart from its suspicious cloudy appearance. It had strawberries in it, which I've never had in sangria before. The best part of dinner was the dessert of course - fresh blueberry pie topped with vanilla ice cream. I spent most of the night trying to figure out who our waitress resembled and it finally dawned on me on our way out - Hillary Swank. She had both the signature jaw and smile (but less horse-like as Jason would say). After dinner, we ended up at the Luca Bar and stayed for two rounds (I had a round of Coke). I had to bail out early, as usual my stomach was bothering me. I'm afraid the fizzy soda didn't work its magic tonight.

I'll definitely head back to Westville to test out some of their market vegetable dishes. I completely forgot that I wanted to give the Latin-style corn on the cob (comes with a generous dose of cumin, aged, semi-hard Mexican cotija cheese with a hint of lime) a try.

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