Friday, August 10, 2007

Dream dream dreams

Happy Friday everyone. Late start for me today, someone was snoring up a storm and kept me up until about 3am. I also woke up crying, it doesn't happen that often (I'd say about 3x a year) but today was one of those lucky days.

It must have been a pretty bad dream, I can't remember it all but I do remember being in a house with my aunts and cousins (that in itself could be a nightmare) and feeling trapped. They wouldn't let me use the phone or the television for some reason, very strange. So the last thing I remember was going up a flight of stairs and at the very top was a clear plexi gate (like the ones people use for kids/dogs). I was jumping over it with the intent of packing my bags and running out of the house to catch the next bus out of there... then I woke up. Bizarre! Any expert dream translators out there? Jonathan is really good with that stuff. I'm sure it has something to do with my fears of what lies ahead.

Do you guys remember your dreams - I always remember parts of it, if not all. I'm putting together another weekend read, I'll post it in a couple of hours. I still feel groggy, desperately need a tall glass of cold brewed iced coffee (for those who love iced coffee - shame on you if you haven't tried the technique yet).

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