Monday, July 23, 2007

Forever Copying?

So what do Gwen Stefani, Diane von Furstenberg, Anna Sui, Tokidoki, Bebe and Anthropologie all have in common? According to WWD, they have all filed lawsuits against Forever 21 - accusing the retailer of copying both fabric and apparel designs. It looks like there are at least 20 different lawsuits against them.

Apparently, Forever 21 admitted that they were at fault when DVF first filed the lawsuit and claimed that they would take action to ensure that this would not happen again. However, DVF has recently discovered additional designs that have been ripped-off. Unfortunately Forever 21 has not returned any calls from WWD so their side of the story has not been told.

I've only been to Forever 21 maybe twice in my life. The one in Union Square is a little to overwhelming for my senses - in a bad way. I just checked out the site and they have some really cute things that all fall in line with the "if you love _____ then you'll love this" mantra! You can fill in the blank with Anthropologie, Bebe or any of the other plaintiffs =)

I quickly visited all the sites to see if I can spot an imposter. Do you think I found one?

So for all you designers out there, register your designs!!

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