Monday, July 23, 2007

Rooftop Films

Rooftop Films Summer Series

I'm so bummed, I just missed -
The Way We Get By - Deeply philosophical, desperately inspiring, and darkly hilarious short films about the illogical lives we lead. Sounds like a film that would've been perfect for me - not the philosophical or the darkly hilarious part ;)

Next one is on Thursday 7/26 The Show Must Go On - short films about people who find beauty and value in the pieces and places that others have left behind.

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Tom said...

Looks cool but sitting like that for 2 hours will make tomorrow's headline, "95 percent of Rooftop movie goers afflicted by low back pain!" Do some research on rooftop chairs for rooftop films lovers will ya? Don't forget to send my check for giving you a fab'topic for your next blog!

Speaking of films - my co-worker was talking about her hot date last weekend and told me "knocked up" was hilarious! Why didn't we bite the bullet and take a chance on that one! Don't judge the darn book by its chick flick cover, eh? As mother would say, listen to your "elledehrs."

Peace out,
Tom "momma gonna knock you out" cool J.