Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day Trip: Amish Country

A few shots taken on our Lancaster PA day trip.

stoltzfus (Amish Country trip)Where we ate lunch. The Potato Stuffing was my favorite!

horse - it's in there I swearThe horse kept hiding

clothesline (Amish Country trip)My favorite pic from our trip (made me wish I had schlepped my camera instead of my iPhone)

flowersforsale$1.50 per bunch!! I wanted to buy 'em all but decided not to be so selfish

3 bucks for both (crazy right??) - also from our Amish Country tripTwo bunches from the roadside flower shop

milk n' pie from our Amish Country tripThe best pie I've had in a loooong time, wish we bought more! Washed down with a glass of unpasteurized milk!

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Ez said...

That looks like an amazing day Marichelle!
We have a large Amish community near Tulsa and I love seeing all the little boys playing outside in their black overalls and white shirts. I always feel like I've accidentally stumbled onto a movie set! Awesome pics as usual...I can't believe you just used an iPhone!
xo Ez