Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Honeycomb tissue pops

I had a few leftover honeycomb tissue paper fans from the bean's party (I actually forgot to hang them up). Way too pretty to store away...

decorating a radiator

...I decided to attach them to popsicle sticks and stick them into painted wine bottles on top of my radiator box.

home sweet home

I'm not sure what looks better - the vintage chalkboard where I can change the message as I get bored or Ashley G's Let's Stay Home?


Ez said...

OMG you clever kitten you! I looooove this!
I really like both the chalkboard and the Ashley G. print. I'm really digging the colors in the print with the white...so that would be my first pick. Both are the bees knees though! xo Ez

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! It looks so adorable. Also adore the painted wine bottles.

Camila Faria

melissa loves said...

You are just too good, my friend! I LOVE it, either works for me....or maybe both? So you don't have to choose! :)