Tuesday, December 2, 2008

DIY: Clusters of White

I saw this picture in Living Etc - the windows caught my eye (I wish I had windows like that)! I also loved the cluster of bottles on the side table and wondered if there was a cheaper alternative.

We were putting together our recyclables last week and I thought... hmmm could I spray this two buck chuck wine bottle? I spray everything else so why not?

First remove the label by soaking the bottles in warm water for a few hours or overnight. Then spray with 2 coats of white lacquer spray or glossy white. Make sure you spray the inside of the bottle, just the top where it's visible. Optional - spray with a clear gloss to coat and protect.

I used glossy white and added an extra coat of clear gloss. I think white lacquer spray would've been better, but I was too lazy to head down to Home Depot.

Isn't it a great way to recycle your bottles? Or random vases/baubles/candy plates you have laying around the house. And you don't need to stick to white either. How about metallic red and silver for the holidays? Be on the lookout for different shapes and sizes, the more variation, the better the cluster!


Vanessa said...

so awesome! i really need to start spray painting everything! esp stuff from yardsales. its already so cheap why not paint it and make it look better! thanks for the inspo

ismoyo said...

Hooray for white clusters!
You do wonders with your spray paint ;)
Looking forward seeing the endresult of all your whites clustered together.