Thursday, April 7, 2011

More baby food


It's been pretty quiet around here this week, which I can't really complain about right? Baby food making is still going well - I've added cauliflower, broccoli, lentils, papaya and mangoes into her diet. Sweet potato is still her favorite and I can pretty much sneak in anything as long as I mix in a little sweet potato goodness :) I may test this out and try some brussels sprouts next week!!


We recently purchased a foam mat so she would have a dedicated space in our living room. It was getting a little trickier now that she's rolling around everywhere and I was finding odd tiny objects on our living room carpet so I thought it was best to have a mat that would be off limits to us (and our shoes). I decided on this one, after reading this article on playmats and toxic formamide! So far so good, she seems to really love the colors.


melissa loves said...

Love that adorable little head, those sweet chubby arms and perfect that she has her own little mat. Such a good mama.....:)

allthingsami said...

i'm glad baby food making is going well. i did all of that when my petite ami.s were wee ones. i found it pretty easy if we mashed up all the veggies we normally eat but without the added spices or salt.

you probably already know this but my big travel tip for brining baby food is a small lunch cooler + a good thermos of hot water. it thaws everything out nicely. i used to make the trip to southern california from northern california. this allowed us to make sure there was something good to eat during our long trips.