Monday, March 21, 2011

Making Baby Food

making baby food

I finally ventured into making my own baby food this weekend. It was pretty easy, the hardest part was the clean up. I ended up steaming apples, parsnips, peas and roasting the sweet potatoes. I also made some veggie broth out of celery, garlic, carrots and leeks to add moisture to the purees (except for the applesauce, I just used water).

making baby food

Unfortunately she didn't care too much for the applesauce. So far she's rejected all of the fruits (peaches, pears, now apples). I find it so odd, I thought all babies love sweet fruit!?! I'm not gonna give up just yet, I'll try to reintroduce the apples later on this week. Unfortunately I had to rewizz the peas in the blender this morning (I read that the blender does a better job with peas) - my food processor didn't do a good job with the skins and she was semi-gagging on them. You could also pass it through a sieve but I didn't want to remove the skins since it's good fiber and we definitely need some of that!! I'll let you know how it goes with the blenderized peas, we're having it for lunch today!


Ez said...

Oh this looks so exciting (and messy)! You must be having so much fun experimenting with new flavors and recipes. And Emma eating only vegetables = further proof that you have the world's best baby!
I bet she'll pick up a liking for fruit soon enough...then you won't be able to get her to eat her peas and carrots no matter how hard you try. ;-)

Shalini said...

That's what I've been doing too. My baby loves pears, plums, papaya, peas, sweet potatoes and beans along with other veggies. I strain the fruits and veggies, since it's easier for her to eat. It often takes 7+ days to get them to like something new.

La Franglaise said...

Well done! It all sounds yummy. I gave up on making fruit compotes for my little because he never likes them yet he wolf down all the industrial ones. I don't get it why he doesn't like fresh compotes?! He adores all my veggies meals though so I focus on making those now and buy all the sweet stuff.

Michelle said...

I agree...clean up is the hardest part of making baby food! Love the cubes and how cube-y they are. :) They look delicious!

The Modern-Retro Housewife said...

Wow, you had much better luck doing this than I did! I don't know what I did wrong, haha, but I blogged about it too...check it out at