Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Emma!

Happy Birthday Emma Cate!

Emma Cate is 7 months old today!

We finally made it to our first "Baby Lit" (storytelling/songs) class at our local library yesterday! I think she enjoyed the extra company, she was smiling at the babies next to her and even trying to grab the other mommies. Unfortunately it falls right into her morning nap time so she started to get a little weary towards the end, but we're definitely looking forward to next week's!

I can't believe it but she's outgrown most of her 6-month size PJs, she's now in 9-month old footed onesies AND quickly growing out of those too! Thank goodness for the Carters outlet and Old Navy! She can't quite sit up on her own yet but is able to balance herself as long as some of her favorite toys are in front of her. As far as food goes, she's happily eating baby solids. Hates Peaches and beef but loves her veggies (especially peas). As for sleep, we're still very lucky in that department! She's still taking her short thirty minute naps in the morning, a longer one to two hour nap in the afternoon and twelve hours at night. By the way, we recently picked up black-out shades from Home Depot for her room since its gotten a lot brighter now that Spring is just around the corner (yahoo). They're really cheap and easy to install (no nails/holes), took me less than 20 minutes. They're made out of paper but I'm really really happy with them. If you're looking for a cheap (less than $15 for two windows) and quick solution, I highly recommend these.

One of the best moments I had with Emma this month was an hour long snuggle session. She happily laid beside me for a whole hour just playing with my hair and nose, it was the best.


melissa loves said...

She IS the cutest, sweetest little thing ever! And you take the very best photos of her hunnie! I swear....look at that sweet little face. She is a champ, you both are and I am so glad things are going so well. And that hour snuggle session? I love those more than is the best, isn't it? sigh.

Ez said...

Happy 7 months Emma!!! You just get cuter and cuter don't you! And hello, how adorable is your little dimple! Eep! xoxo Ez + Miss K

Shalini said...

So cute! Love how you have dressed her! My girl is 10 months old now and I'm still amazed at how fast she's growing.

I have a black out blind in her room too....really a necessity here in Dubai.

Oh, I love the little snuggles too. She loves playing with my watch and ring and hugs my arm so sweetly.

Esti Tisler said...

She's adorable and really growing. I actually have the same black out shades. We bought them just a couple of days ago and it's really helping to put her down at night when it's still light out.

kitten roar said...

she has gotten so big! i remember reading around the time she was born. it's so crazy to think that even though she is so small, she still has her preferences in food and stuff.