Thursday, February 24, 2011



Start solids. Check.
Weaning from breastmilk. Check (but sorta sad about it).

I started to incorporate a bottle of formula into her daily schedule this week. AND of course I have mixed feelings about the whole thing...

On one hand I'm excited to start feeling "normal" again, reclaiming my body and start feeling like a woman again (as opposed to a cow). On the other hand, I feel guilty about cutting Emma off of the "good stuff". Plus, at the moment she's been giving me the biggest grins during our breastfeeding sessions - I wish I could capture it and show you guys, it seriously is heart-meltingly priceless. I know it's silly coz I'm sure I'll find other ways to "bond" but I guess it's the idea of losing those precious moments, where you look down and feel like you're all that exists in her tiny world.

I'm not really sure when I'll stop for good. It's funny coz I just realized that the weaning period is more for me than for her.


melissa loves said...

I totally & completely understand what you mean is so hard. I remember those adorable grins and still miss them.

0o_irene_o0 said...

I understand perfectly, after the 1st month I discovered the magic of breastfeeding (at the beggining it was a real nightmare for me) and the way that she look at me it's the most wonderful thing in the world.

a bid hug from Italy :)

Andrea said...

i hear you. our babies are one day apart and i also started introducing formula this week. i get a little weepy - never thought it would be so sad. but you are so right, we will bond with the wee ones in other ways.

Shalini said...

Oh yes, I completely get what you're saying. My little baby gives me the best smiles when I nurse her too. I'm still continuing to nurse her along with solids though.

La Franglaise said...

I understand your thought all too well. I started weaning my little one because I was going back to work and I terribly missed breastfeeding (I would literally be jealous of seeing breastfeeding photos!). It is such a magical moment for mother and child, I wish I could have continued longer. But on the positive side, it is great to get your body back and be able to share the feeds with the hubby! Bon courage xx