Monday, January 10, 2011

Losing Sleep (again)

feet 12.2010

The little one has been waking up waaaay too early for the past couple of weeks. I guess she's spoiled us with her down by 6pm up at 6:30-7am routine for the past three months! She's been getting up anywhere from 4am to 5am, I go back to bed after I feed her but the broken sleep leaves me feeling tired during the day. I did a quick search and found some comforting information online - looks like plenty of moms out there experience "sleep regression" at 4 and 8 months. One mom describes it as an enormous developmental spurt where babies go through several weeks of intense brain and prep work. The drawback? They don't sleep as well! I'm not 100% sure if this is what's happening to Emma but I'll take it for now!

Moms, have you experienced this or something similar?


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh, for sure! You are not alone darlin. Sorry about the sleep interruption but, it is totally normal. I always felt like, right when you felt you had things down, they change it up on you! :) hope you get more rest soon, let me know if you need any help!
ps how sweet are those little feet? sigh.

theolivetree said...

I read a great book on sleep "training" ...I did this with both my kiddos. It will pass :)

Try patting her butt or giving her a binky to go back to sleep. Just don't feed her or pick her should be back on track in about 3 days.

{it might seem a little mean, but happy well rested babies and momma's make for the best}

She is using the feeding as a soother to go back to sleep .Plus you already know she can sleep through the night, she has been doing it :)

This is not for everyone...Obviously you are mom and you know best...

My heart goes out to sleepless nights! Sorry for the novel ) haha

lovely blog!

flojindamesa said...

So glad to read this! My girl was sleeping through the night, then all of a sudden at about 4 1/2 months, she's waking up at midnight and 4:00 again. I was worried she'd regressed because we don't stick to any kind of sleep training regimen. I'm happy to know it's somewhat universal.

190.arch said...

It happens and it's considered "normal". I know about 2 little boys that used to wake up every hour!!
Does your Emma rolls over herself?
It also wakes them up. When my daughter was practicing her "rolling over", those were our worst sleepless nights ever.
Also teething disturbs babies sleep. I use to think about myself, as an adult, I don't sleep every single night the same way.
When someone says that "he or she sleeps like a baby", I think that this person have a very bad sleep time : P
It will pass, you'll see.It's just a phase.

carla said...

i remember how other mums used to tell me that babies start to sleep through the night around 3-6 months boy was at least 9 months when he started doing this. then after he turned 1, the sleeping routine changed and he was waking up at 4-5am! Too early! I couldn't even function during the day. He's nearly 2 and for the last couple of months, he's changed again, and he goes from 8pm to 6-7am. Except for the nights he's been really sick with a cold and tonsillitis he got from day care. A friend also told me that the older they get, there will be more waking during the nights...they might feel scared, or have nightmares, wet the bed etc. So until they have moved out of home perhaps that's when I'll get a good night sleep!

Karen said...

wow...she sleeps at 6??? did you try putting her to bed a little later? maybe that'll help. do you have blackout shades in her room? maybe the sun is waking her up? sleep is one of those things that i think doesn't stabalize until they're around 5 yrs old. you'll have some good weeks and bad weeks....especially within the first 2 years. sometimes there's a reason...growth spurt, teething, daylight savings....but most of the time there is just no explanation....gotta just roll with the punches!
emma is TOOOOOOO cute!!!!