Friday, December 3, 2010

Gifts for him (and maybe even for her)

Doing a little shopping this weekend? Here are a few gift ideas for the men in your lives. By the way, those wallets are THE best. I gave Hillsy one many years ago and he's still using it (and no it doesn't have that you so need a new wallet look) and he just recently made a comment about it being the best wallet ever (tap tap). I also bought that bag (in green) for him recently as a work bag, it also served us well as the perfect carry-on bag on our last trip.

gifts for him (or maybe even for her)

1. cardigans
2. scarves
3. tshirt (love this, I want one for myself)
4. bag
5. book (Hillsy is a HUGE fan)
6. rubs
7. cookbook (maybe you'll get a nice homecooked meal in return)
8. wallet (black) (denim)

images: poketo, canvas, amazon, rare device, need supply co., ,adam's meat rubs & spices,

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Ez said...

I love everything!