Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I've been trying to hone in on my personal style for as long as I can remember... I'll be turning 35 next year and one of my goals for next year is to get rid of all the excess that I've accumulated in my life. I'm starting with my closet and home (bigger goal - to keep it that way). I mean how many black long sleeve tops do I really need???

The styles above represent exactly the look I'm after!

Images: HOPE + Totokaelo


Ez said...

Love these looks Biz. You would kill both of them! xo Ez

PJ said...

I'm 30 and still trying to figure out my own personal style, too. As far as I can tell, I tend to dress in updated classics, but I feel so boring all the time!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

very hot marichelle...i think you do pretty well but i say go for it. you can totally rock these looks.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

You don't give yourself enough credit in the style department my have it in spades and these would fit in perfectly. I adore that second outfit so much...Need that dress and that jacket. Stat!

ThePaperAddict said...

a girl can never have too many black shirts! Think of allll the variations? 3/4 length sleeves, v neck, boatneck, slouchy, fitted, crewneck, scoopneck, sweater, jersey, knitt, you get the idea... I mean they're really all quite necessary... and if you get 3 in 1???

Anonymous said...

What's funny is you already dress this way, imho. :) You rock the personal style as it is.