Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Operation lose baby fat Update

I had a little bit of a late start due to this and then I got sick for a week EXCUSES EXCUSES I know! Anyway, I've been working out for a little over a week now and although I can't report on actual numbers (I don't own a scale) I will share my thoughts on the Tracy Anderson DVD and answer some of your comments from my original post...

I'm gonna give Tracy's "Mat Workout" three and a half stars. I think it's a great workout, it reminds me of this class I used to take at NYSC with this lady who used to kick my butt every single time. Her moves were simple almost 80s in a way but she used to kill the class with the number of reps. and I was always sore the next day. So back to Tracy's workout... she breaks it up into 6 segments plus the warmup and cool down. Two segments each of legs, arms and abs. It's all kind of dancey, you can almost picture doing all of the leg moves on a barre or this while doing the standing abs moves. My favorite part is the arms segment (without weights), imagine keeping your arms up and active for 10 minutes without rest! I love how you don't need weights but your muscles are worked to the point of exhaustion. I wish the music was a little more peppy but it's not bad for a workout DVD (at least it's not corny synthesizer type of stuff). I could imagine some people having issues following some of her moves because she doesn't really cue what's coming up next but after doing it a couple of times you start to get the hang of it. In her defense, it would be difficult to cue the next moves during the standing arm and abs series because of its rhythmic pace. I would've given it 4 stars If it weren't for these two factors. If you're at your goal weight and not really looking to lose weight but want to get toned then I think this would be a perfect workout for you. If you're looking to lose weight, this would still be a good workout but you'd definitely need to mix in some hardcore cardio 4-5x/week. I'm alternating this DVD with Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred and so far I feel like I'm losing some of my pregnancy mush. If I could get myself to run at least one day per week I'd be golden... but let's be real, that's not gonna happen.

Check out these videos I found on youtube to get a better idea of what her workouts are like. I'm sure it's not for everyone so I highly recommend giving these a try before purchasing the DVDs.The first video is a good representation of her Mat Workout DVD. I was actually doing/following the arm workout clip (third video) while I was pregnant (the segment on the actual DVD is similar to this but twice as long)...

Answers to your questions:
Sarah: I love Jillian Michaels! I have her 30 Day Shred DVD and the Trouble Zone one.
M+K: Thanks for the tip, I'm def going to give that one a try. Is it the Trainer's Edge one?
Liesel: My sister-in-law and several nieces have lost weight w/ the P90X System. I haven't tried it but will hopefully get to check out the DVDs this Thanksgiving when I go visit them for the holidays.
The R.P.: I have the "Mat Workout" and "Perfect Design Series 1" (which I don't really like as much as the Mat Workout one)


Dee said...

If you have Comcast Cable you can test out different workouts On Demand. It's great for trying a new workout before you buy the DVD. Love Tracy's standing ab workout...but the arms make me feel like my arms are going to fall off!

henzy said...

I am ther with you but I lack the will power.. I kept at it for like a week and then found it hard to get back on track mostly because I was..am so tired all the time. Good news is I have lost most of the weight, just a few lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight so I'm not worried about that I just wanna get rid of the pudgy belly now.. i never had abs but I didn't have pudge either..

Anonymous said...

Hell I don't even have a baby and could stand to lose some pounds. Jillian Michaels is amazing. I've got all of her dvds and when I actually do them 4x a week, I feel it. I feel more energy, smaller, more toned. She rocks. Good luck!!