Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Got Nothin' to wear

I'm finding myself more and more frustrated these days. I'm growing out of all my "normal" clothes (even the ones I thought were bump-friendly), so I've been wearing the same three outfits over and over again. Bo-ring. So of course I went on a little online shopping hunt and although I didn't find any cute maternity things (no surprise there), I put together this little post-pregnancy outfit.

Nothing to wear

1. Love love love this ForetLA top.
2. I hate wearing shorts, but I could possibly learn to love these GAP Chambray boyfriend cutoffs
3. Jennifer was wearing her Relic Earrings on Saturday and they were soooo beautiful! Big but not too big, just the perfect size and perfect for this outfit!
4. Surplus Carryall from Anthro
5. I actually have these Birk knock-offs and have posted about them before. Not bad for $14.99!!

Images: FloretLA, GAP, Odette New York, Anthropologie, Target


Adele @ modernemotive said...

Love, love, love the outfit. Don't feel so bad, I got nothing to wear either and I don't have a bump. Well, not a pregnancy one anyway. ;)

Bridget said...

love the whole outfit

Ez said...

I love the outfit Biz and actually own those shorts. They are super comfortable and I like to tell myself that I look somewhat fashionable when I wear them. ; ) Can't wait for the little Seedling to maker her great arrival! We'll have to go shopping when I'm there this Fall (your favorite thing).
xo Ez

jennifer said...

Aw, thanks! Love those cuff shorts too.

Marichelle said...

LOL Adele. Thanks Bridget and congratulations on your future niece/nephew! Ez, for you I'll make an exception :) Anytime Jen, your entire line is amazing!

Jackie said...

I am due at the end of August, and am in the same boat. So frustrating, right?

Have you checked out asos.com? I forget where i heard about them, but they have really cute stuff, cheap shipping, and great pricing. I got a couple of their pieces and they work great!

Best of luck!