Friday, May 7, 2010

Mommy Break

Alright. It's been baby stuff all week here and I think we all deserve a little break :)
I've made two shoe purchases this week...
1. I spotted these amazing Report Kimball flats on Melis this week and I just HAD to have them. Melis, promise I won't wear them at the same time!!

2. Not really sure why, but my converse sneaks are not very comfortable. I've never really understood why coz isn't that the point of wearing sneakers? Anyway, I'm hoping it'll be a different story with these Bensimon Elastique Tennis Flats (Gris Moyen).

I also bought a couple of maternity ribbed layering tanks from Old Navy (they're perfect and cheap) - got tired of my belly peeking out :) Love this burnout super-soft tank but they didn't have my size.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

You can wear them at the same time if you want to hun, I would be honored! :) SO glad you got them, these are both soooo cute!

brittni said...

Oh, those Kimball flats are adorable. Love the way the metallic and stripe go together. Very cute. And I am not even a mom. Love the new nursery color from a few posts back, by the way. Have a great weekend Marichelle.