Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Worst house chore

I spent a good amount of time in our bathroom yesterday (thank goodness we only have one) - it was cleaning time (cleaning the bathroom is my least favorite chore EVER). And I found myself asking the gods for a baby girl, as I sat there scrubbing and wiping down the toilet bowl.

I finally got around to testing out Martha's new cleaning products, overall I think they work pretty well. My favorite part would have to be the fact that they're scent-free. A huge plus for me, since my sense of smell has officially become my ultimate superpower. I didn't even need to open windows for extra ventilation. Will it fight the grimiest of the grime like more toxic cleaning products (e.g. Scrubfree Tilex)? Probably not, but as long as you don't let it get that bad, I think it'll do the job! Quick question - how often do you guys clean your bathrooms? I really should try to do this one-minute a day method so my every other week heavy-duty job isn't such a freakin' nightmare.

On a totally unrelated topic - prenatal workouts! I've been following The Perfect Pregnancy Workout DVD. So far so good. I know the chick on the cover looks a little scary but overall I feel like it's a good workout for me. I'm not dripping in sweat afterwards but I definitely feel like I've done something good. I think it's perfect for women who haven't been active prior to the pregnancy. I stopped running and working out a month before I got pregnant so I'm definitely not at my fittest level! Lots of old school mat work (leg circles, lifts etc). Let me know if you have any other recommendations. I switch between this one and my J Michaels one and plan to start walking for 30 mins. every other day.

Thanks again for your comments yesterday (I read them all to the seedlebug)!!


Karen said...

a tub of clorox disinfectant next to each toilet is key! our bathrooms get cleaned every two weeks, but with a 2 "men" in the house...you need to do some spot cleaning!

Sammi said...

To quote a friend (a male friend)

bathrooms are self cleaning with all that water sloshing about it.

I rinse out the bath and shower as soon as I've used it, and bleaching and things I do weekly... then its never too much!

I hate window cleaning. Ugh.