Thursday, October 8, 2009

Need: An extra tall pint of beer

This month has been such a whirlwind and keeping it all under wraps has been so hard! I'm so happy to finally share a preview of what me and my friend (and new biz partner) Ez have been up to!!! So give us a peek, would love to know what y'all think! Everything will be available for sale next week. If you're in the Brooklyn and NYC area, we'll be sharing a table with Deb of Bonbon Oiseau at the Fort Greene Brooklyn Flea on Saturday (if it doesn't rain that is!)

More details tomorrow, I gotta go run and get that pint!


mayaluna said...

Congratulations! It all looks fantastic! What a dynamic duo you two will be... already are. That table with Deb at the Flea is going to be delicious.

Suzanne said...

Very exciting news! Congrats :)
Everything looks awesome - will definitely be a frequent shopper I'm sure!

Jessie said...

What a dynamic duo you two are! I can't wait for the shop to open!!

loulouandoscar said...

How I wish could be at that Flea, everything looks super crisp and very desirable. How amazing that you two are working together, will the shop be Etsy based I wonder? I am so excited, and yay, more bunting!

loulouandoscar said...

um, ok, Big Cartel, should just have clicked huh! Congratulations off to browse now.

Sammi said...

o0o Marichelle, how lovely the little shop is!

melissa loves said...

I am just so excited about it hun, you guys are just unbelivable!
ps I am doing an anti-rain dance tonight at midnight.