Monday, October 12, 2009

Gettin' Back on Track

I spent the rest of the weekend recuperating from the unbelievably hectic schedule that Ez and I have been on this past month and a half. I was scheduled to go on a little break but given the circumstances, it had to be canceled for obvious reasons. So how did it go this Saturday? It didn't go as well as we had hoped but there were a ton of takeaways from the experience and I definitely don't regret doing it. Thank you to all of our friends who stopped by in person and in spirit! Unfortunately the weather wasn't too cooperative - it was showering most of the morning and then there was the wind. It was so freakin' windy we kept having to hold our tent + products down. Thank goodness we had a couple of friends on hand to help us out. Stuff kept flying off of our table (not in a good way!), it was definitely a nutty day. We'll be posting more about it on the Nice Package blog later today.

Both Ez and I started to feel sick once we got home from the market. I guess we've both been fighting something for the past couple of weeks but have been working like dogs and wouldn't allow ourselves to get sick, until of course it was all over. So we're taking several days off this week, trying to get back to 100%. We still need to launch the shop, post tutorials, reach out to bloggers etc etc. - so there's definitely still a ton to do.

Nice Package Table
In the meantime, I'm trying to get my life back on track. My non-Nice Package life that is. The house is a mess, I haven't cooked a real meal in god knows how long and my own brand Wunderlust has taken a back-seat to everything else. Poor Hillsy has been so supportive of everything, but I'm sure a part of him was semi-relieved to spend a normal weekend at our home. So this week, I'm attempting to do a better job at balancing. We finally did our groceries yesterday (Hillsy has been doing it on his own for the past couple of weeks), this week's menu is set - thanks to Everyday Foods Mag (Ez gave me a subscription for my birthday) and I spent an hour this morning prepping all of the ingredients for the week. I'm going to tidy up NP headquarters (dining room) and get working on a few Wunderlust items.


Anonymous said...

your table is sooooo adorbs beautiful beautiful!!!! I love your shop so much!!! :D xoxo

Mochatini said...

lovely!! and congrats on nice package..its all so inspiring

Sammi said...

Your table looks adorable.

Sounds like your problems were all weather related which is a shame.

I hope you and Ez feel better soon.