Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh Deer!

Look what I spotted... a deer in my neighbor's backyard! Our neighborhood is pretty residential, it's not like my yard sprawls into a forest so I was a little surprised to find him/her lurking around my poor neighbor's veggie patch. Hillsy and I went outside to try and shoo it away so it wouldn't eat their entire patch but it just stared at us acting all mr innocent. Wonder how it got there? How odd would that be, to see deers walking along the sidewalks the way squirrels do? Actually, that would completely freak the crap outta me. I'm sure they're nice enough, but I'm just a big old wuss when it comes to animals.

On the human front...
I'm almost free of the bug, hooray!! TMI alert.... the phlegm has set in, which could only mean good news right? Back me up nurse friends? Oh by the way, I'm not running off to a secluded cabin anytime soon. Got my mojo back, cleaned up the two blogs, vowed to start updating my shop more frequently and trying to subscribe to keep it simple stupid (K.I.S.S. a term that my 8th grade teacher Mrs Shields managed to ingrain in our heads). More on that later!

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