Thursday, May 21, 2009

still M.I.A

what are you up to? you ask.

sweating buckets (just got back from a jog and it's only 9:32 and it's already steamy out there. luv it.)
transplanting a bunch of hostas
getting in touch with a lawn doctor
planting lilies I inherited from lovely neighbor
working on HH redesign
working on H-tech facelift
working on finishing touches for Etsy Shoplive

OOooh cherries are starting to grow - I need to remember to take some shots so I can show you guys.

ooops forgot to say how happy I am that my man Kris won idol. Dear Kris, I was with you since day 1 man. And what's up with idol focusing and interviewing his parents last night?? Hello??? He has a freakin' wife!! He's not 12. Didn't they think she was proud, super excited, nervous and whatever stupid adjectives mr. obvious was using lastnight too?? I would've been like WTF?

1 comment:

Karen said...

i thought we were flicking off the wifey?? :-)