Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Life has been rather boring these days, which is why you're not seeing too much action here. I've been busy with the redesign of Heart Handmade which took over the ENTIRE weekend. I knew it wasn't going to be easy transferring it from blogger to my own hosted version... but I'm just holding onto the thought that it will be all worth it in the end.

I walked the stationery show yesterday and didn't get home until 9:30, so annoying coz I missed an earlier train by 2 minutes and had to wait another hour for the next one. So, yes, at this point I was cursing out Jersey.

Today is going to be awful, I will be spending the entire day cleaning the house. Why? Coz I've been a slob and allowed the clutter and dirt to pile up for weeks... only if I could have the foresight to realize that if I just did a little at a time on a more regular basis, I wouldn't have to dedicate a whole freakin' day and then some on cleaning the entire house.


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Mj Reed said...

you're just doin' fine!! You're allowed to be a slob once in awhile..as long as there's no need for fumigation later on.... take it easy...relax...it will all happen!!!...now do u want me to call Broomlady & Co. for you (just made it up,btw)LOL