Wednesday, May 6, 2009

OCM Update

OK so I promised I'd keep you posted on how my skin is doing under my new OCM regimen - (Oil Cleansing Method)... I'm happy to report that my skin is absolutely LOVING it.

It was touch and go at one point, my skin was getting dry on the outside but still producing oil so I decided to switch back to my usual Sonya Dakar cleanser but then I noticed that my skin was just getting worse and worse. So I readjusted the oil formula and further decreased the amount of Castor Oil and my skin is just loving this new batch. I also bought myself a couple of small face towels, which I use wet to wipe off the oil from my face. I think the warm towel is key because it not only removes the oil but it also acts as a steamer/exfoliator. Now I'm not suggesting you rub the crap out of your face, just a gently rub in your problem areas (for me it's my nose, chin - T zone).

I'm definitely loving this stuff. I do have to admit that it's not as easy as using a traditional "soapy" cleanser, but for me, it's definitely worth the effort. My skin is less cloggy and it's not too oily not too dry. I still get the occasional pimple but overall my skin is SO much better than it has been. I'll keep using it and will keep you posted as the warmer weather approaches.

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