Friday, February 6, 2009

Woohooo Friday

Happy Friday friends!!

Why do days fly by when you're faced with deadlines? I've been such a busy bee this week - my eyes are starting to hurt from staring into my monitor for more than 8 hours straight every day, and I mean straight. Gross but true - I actually didn't take a shower until about 5:45pm yesterday. I literally got up and started working at 7am, no workout, no lunch (well I had cookies), and no bathroom breaks.

One of my twitter buddies brought up a really good point the other day - as much as I love working from home and answering to myself, I do miss the occasional water cooler break. Or shouting over cubes and cracking up with my favorite cubettes (hi Luis, Jess and Sarah!) And that's where twitter comes into play and why I'm so addicted. It's like basically having coworkers throughout the entire day, a little different from IM because it's not so much a one-on-one thing. For instance, you can get instant feedback about anything. Pass on a link to a movie and ask if anyone has seen it, forget a URL? just ask - one of your "followers" will know it.

If you haven't signed up for an account - head on over to heart hi-tech, Hillsy is giving a quick Twitter primer today.

Happy weekend!!

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