Monday, February 9, 2009

Top this dream

I completely overslept and my sleep was interrupted so abruptly that I don't really feel rested! How odd. It was one of those TV wake ups when you see the character sleeping then all of a sudden they wake up with wide open alarming eyes, as if someone snapped their fingers after a long hypnotic treatment.

I was having such intense dreams too - I dreamt that I was in a weird clan and the leader was going to defect and was taking a few of us with him... but in order to prove our loyalty we had to eat an ginormous amount of cotton Tshirts and sweaters. I don't know, maybe he was joining J.Crew?? heheh. Two of my girlfriends were already done with their batch and I was still munching away trying hard not to throw up. Not really sure why I was so afraid, since I would guess throwing up in this instance would produce nothing but yarn-throwup. The dream before that one was about my ex. He came at me all disheveled, long hair, dark circles around his eyes explaining how stressed out he was and that he was going to move away.

I don't remember any other ones but those two were so vivid and I'm pretty that they were in color as opposed to black and white. Well I'm glad I'm awake, that tshirt one really freaked me out.


Ces said...

Do you remember what color shirts you were munchin' on? I'll try to call and ask Madam Jane today...LOL

Marichelle said...

You're too funny and why are you up so early???

Sammi said...

I've just woken having had the strangest dreams about my landlord trying to hold us to ransom. He's not particularly happy about us moving out. The dreams sucked!