Monday, January 26, 2009


It was Hillsy's birthday yesterday and despite of my ruined birthday present*, I think the boy had a nice time.

Let's start with the breakfast...

He requested pancakes with a side of kielbasa!

Pancakes topped with honey and jam

... with a side of swine

After breakfast, I began to bake the cake... It was a vanilla flavored cake with vanilla frosting. I decided to ask the bday boy if he wanted me to fill it with anything

me: babe, do you want me to fill the cake with anything? I can fill it with your favorite jam... or I can whip up some cream....
bday boy: oh really? you mean you can fill it with jam and cream?
me: of course, what was i thinking? jam AND cream.

So there you have it - vanilla cake with jam and cream filling (oh and vanilla frosting).

And finally, I decided to try making stuffed cabbage. I didn't really have a recipe for it, so I just sorta winged it. The meat part was a little dry but overall it was a good attempt. I would've said first-attempt but after Hillsy's antics last night... I don't think I'll be feeding a certain someone cabbage again.

*I was planning to get him a subscription to a wine club (thanks Z for the idea!) but I found out (thanks Lyn!) that my state prohibits purchasing alcohol via internet from producers and retailers out of state. (I might be able to do it if the company is in state)


Sammi said...

It looks delicious!

Well done with the cake!

Marichelle said...

Thanks so much! It was definitely a hit, maybe the baking curse has been lifted off of me...