Friday, January 23, 2009

Finally Friday

Yay it's Friday!!! And it's not just any weekend - it's Hillsy's birthday weekend... yay!!!

I wonder if I can get myself to put up the wallpaper in our bedroom? I'm just so not in the mood to do that right now argh. I also still need to paint our little guest room - you know the one with all the Winnie the Pooh decals? But I suppose I have one more month before I really have to get my act together for that one - our special guests arrive in April :)

So guess what? I've signed up for a small freelance project - just a quick design gig with a friend (hello!) who kindly hooked it up. So we'll see how I manage my time next week - this should be interesting. I'm also working on the next shop update, remember the goal? something different every month to force myself to create more often? Well, this next batch is really fun - more fun than garlands. I promise.

Have a great weekend everyone. Gotta go figure out what type of birthday cake to bake. Uh-oh me baking... i know. Wish me luck!


Sammi said...

Don't worry I'm sure your cake for Hillsy will come out just fine.

Or you could have a disaster like this one:

Good luck, have a great weekend

Marichelle said...

thanks for your vote of confidence, will report back on Monday :)