Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Space Planning

Wow, 2 posts today (before 9am)!

Space planning is definitely NOT my forté. This is the space off of our livingroom. The previous owners used it as their dining room but we've decided to use it as an extension of the LR - it's what I call the "sitting room" for lack of a better room name. I painted it grey (surprise surprise) but I still have to paint the window sill white, I think it'll brighten the whole space up. I also haven't decided whether or not those shelves need to be victimized by the can :)

I can spend hours and hours moving furniture around and still not get the AHA moment. I know that symmetry is supposed to be a safe route, but I'm not sure I like the two lamps here.

Oh and you can see that small area rug that I bought a long time ago from Urban Outfitters, I'm so happy I kept it because now it's a perfect match for the teal chair! I'm also looking for poufs and floor cushions so if you have any affordable sources please let me know!! I want the house to have a really comfortable feel to it - one where you feel like kicking off your shoes and finding a comfortable spot on the floor.

Overall I'm starting to feel like it's coming together and starting to feel more like a home!!!

Great space planning ideas:

PS. A certain someone just recently gave birth, not sure if you're reading but just wanted to say congratulations!!


melanie g. said...

Hi Marichelle! Everything is looking great! RJ and I are impressed at the speed in which you're doing all of this...you're making us look lazy. haha. What about putting the lamp on the other side of the book shelf? (I can't see what's there though.) That's such a beautiful bay window and I wouldn't want to cover it up with too much. Thanks for the space planning links...we need to get bedroom furniture and it has given me some ideas!

melanie g. said...

haven't had my coffee yet...What I meant to say was leave the lamp in the corner and place the one to the left of the window on the other side of the bookshelf. Also, I love the color...we're thinking of doing a shade of grey in a room...you'll have to share your paint research with us.

Rita said...

maybe you do not have every single day a lot of posts, but i am pretty sure that you have a lot of visits! i read you almost everyday since the heart handmade opening and, as you see, my written english is bad enough to keep myself silence!!
anyway, congrats for the incredible work you are doing at your beautyfull home (I envy you all this energy!!) :)

Marichelle said...

hey Melanie! Believe me, if you were home all day and was surrounded by unfinished business, I'm pretty sure you would be doing the same :) But thank you!!

As for the lamp, I actually can't put it on the other side of the shelves coz there's a side table and a table lamp not too far from that side. It'll end up looking like a furniture store. I may just use one of the lamps and put the 2nd one somewhere else. We'll see.

Rita, thank you so much for your super sweet comment :)