Friday, October 24, 2008

Warning: Painting Kitchen Cabinets...

... could be bad for your {mental} health!

I was about to tear my hair out yesterday - this has been the project from hell. And poor Hillsy could attest to it. He came home to one cranky lady :)

I'm not completely done but I couldn't take the cabinets not being attached to the frames so even with 1 more coat of paint to go, I rehung them. I just needed to see some sort of progress before I went completely off the wall.

I'm sure it wouldn't have been so bad had my cabinets been flat doors, but the multiple bevels were a pain in the you know what! This was definitely a project that I dove into head first without realizing it was actually quick sand and not a warm Caribbean sea!

But here they are, up and almost done. I just need to sand a few down and retouch with a coat of rolled-on paint.

Am I happy with the end-result? Yes. Could you get me to do this project ever again? Not in this lifetime.


Karen said...

so...tell me how you did it??? oil primer first??? sanding first??? i want to do our bathroom cabinets...but i'm thinking a chocolate brown dark stain... so what should i do???

Ces said...

Sis, i suggest using brush to do final. It's a lot of work but it's worth it unless you have a magical trick on paint rollers - you can control the amount of paint with a brush.

Mj Reed said...

Wow!! It looks great already!!! Now you need to change the color of your red kettle and your red toaster to match....LOL!!!