Thursday, October 23, 2008

Front Yard Continued

I spent most of the morning yesterday hauling top soil back and forth. We had about a yard worth of top soil delivered (basically dumped on our driveway). Tom, a really nice kid we met via the town message boards works for the local nursery and he dropped some off so I could prep the planting beds before we plant the new shrubs and trees.

I've been told that all planting beds should ideally be 3 to 4" higher than the lawn. So I basically shoveled as much soil as I could in the wheelbarrow, dumped it within the area then I evened it out using my hands (I didn't have a rake, it wasn't that bad). Here's a pic of the driveway planting bed and I also did the front of the house/windows where that mother tree was!

We're planting today so I should have some pics tomorrow, although they won't really be that exciting since they're no longer in bloom.


IamSusie said...

I hope that you've already considered the dangers of planting shrubs along your driveway. Unless they are very low and far back from the sidewalk, you won't be able to see children as the toddle by heedlessly on their bikes and scooters. My parents home is right by a school and my home is just a few houses away from a playground so this is something we always have to worry about.

Marichelle said...

hmmm very good point susie. I'm actually going to plant Nandinas in there and plan to prune them so they don't get too out of control or too high. Since I'm usually crawling out of the driveway anyway, I guess it won't be so much of an issue. (It seriously takes me forever to get out because I always feel like I'm going to hit my neighbor's curb.) Thanks for looking out!