Thursday, August 14, 2008

Drive-by Stake Out?

As usual I had such a great time with the girls last night and of course our special guest Reggie. I love having dinner with my girlfriends because not only do we get to catch up and laugh all night but they're such a great sounding board.

As you know, we've been seriously house hunting. We were actually thinking of making an offer by the end of the week but after seeing the girls last night - it's going to have to wait a couple more days. Why? Apparently we should be doing a late night drive by around the house and its surrounding areas!!?? Homeowners out there - did you stake out your neighborhood late at night prior to making an offer?? We don't have a car, so we're planning to rent one. I know it's sounds a little over the top, but I guess it can't hurt. Right? What do you guys think??

I also brought up blogging (Heart Handmade specifically) and the girls put a lot of things in perspective and our talk last night gave me the little kick in the butt that I needed. Thanks ladies and (gent)!!


dfth said...

I'm not sure where your BFFs got the idea about late night stake outs (did they suggest this before or after cocktails?).

In any event, you need drive around the area on weekends, between 12 - 5 p.m.!! why pm?
1. If it's a bad neighborhood, the streets are typically quiet in the morning - why? everybody is still sleeping whether it is a weekday or weekend, they're recovering from partying all night.

2. Another thing I've done in the past was sit on the parking lot of a local keyfood or whatever grocery store nearby. You'll definitely get your answers there, trust me.

By the way, There are web sites that can provide you with statistics on crime and the like.
In addition to school information, lets you enter a city or zip code and provides you with crime data for the area you choose. It also compares crime statistics with other cities (such as the city from which you are moving). Keep in mind, The suburbs may have lower crime statistics, but may be farther from your work. Cities may have more crime, but may have other qualities that you consider more attractive, such as convenience and cultural activities - which you and Jon will surely missed.

Finally, before I give them my final offer, I always consider talking to neighbors. I take note if there are bars on the windows and doors of homes. Oh and make sure there isn't a currency exchange, piggly wiggly within a 25mile radius. If there is a taco bell around the corner, talk to the police or sheriff's department.

Good luck house hunting guys.

Your brother.


The house is actually sandwiched between a Hooters and an Off Track Betting (OTB) :))

Not really sure where you're headed with the whole taco bell thing - I know lots of neighborhoods that I would love to be in that has a taco bell (e.g. Huntington and Long Beach, Long Island) so I think that's a tad off-base.

As for city v the burbs - it's a pretty small town so there really isn't a "city" part. We've check the crime rates etc - so we're good there.