Wednesday, August 13, 2008

100% Fat

OK, so you know how we've been on this whole no-preservative local food kick?

Well, for the past month and half I've
- gone from drinking soy milk to 100% fat un-homogenized milk
- I now use half & half or cream for my coffee (not so local there)
- Splenda to regular sugar
- I put loads of sweet cream unsalted butter on fresh baked bread - almost 5x a week

... and I haven't gained an ounce!! Plus I haven't changed my exercise routine. Things that definitely make you go hmmm hmmm or simply wtf??.


Karen said...

hey that's my diet!!! nice :-)

Liza said...

This is encouraging as I'm striving to be more "wholesome" about my diet. Also, reading Michael Pollan's "In Defense of Food" is definitely supporting the real food movement! As someone who's shunned butter for most of her life, I have to say you're making it sound pretty good Marichelle!


In Defense of Food is my next book - I haven't finished Kingsolver's one yet (I'm a slow reader!). The third will be The Omnivore's Dilemma - have you read that one?? Yes, so I'm in no means suggesting eating tubs and tubs of butter, but seriously though - I've definitely upped my increase of "fat" and "carbs" and I don't feel gross at all. Not sure if it's all mental or what, but slowly getting rid of all the preservatives sure is working!!

Liza said...

I'm actually reading IN DEFENSE OF FOOD now. It's really absorbing. And inspiring to eat...real food! I definitely feel more guilty if I shop in any aisle other than the outer ones at the supermarket these days. But hey, sometimes you just need a can of baby corn! :)