Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Eats

I need to run 18 miles this week in order to burn off everything I ate this weekend. I don't know what got into me, but I was craving everything from ramen soup to cream puffs. And no mom, I'm not pregnant!

My favorite go-to junk food is Cheetos Cheese Puffs with White Cheddar. I can polish off a bag like nobody's business and that I did. I was also downing bubble tea (from a bunch of different places) like water, unfortunately that stuff has a tendency to sit like bricks in my stomach. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm so happy the weekend is over and I'm finally feeling better - which means I can run and take my spin classes again!! I never thought I'd be so excited to put on spandex!

So here's just a taste of what I had over the last few days...

I had about 3 bowls of Ramen Soup this weekend. None of them really hit the spot. Too much going on and the noodles were to mushy. Too bad I didn't see this recipe earlier!

Organic egg omelet with aged white cheddar + Homefries

OK, I know I said this fad was slowly dying ... it is I swear, this is actually a Turkey burger. Who put those fries there?

I'm not sure why I wanted to try Vanessa's Dumplings (Pork & Chive), after almost 3 years of walking by and ignoring it. Did not care for it at all, I will now continue to ignore it.

I woke up to the lovely sound of "you stupid bald-headed twat!" "you're going home in a f_ _ _ in ambulance" "you puffy red face Scottish c_ n _". Yep, you guessed it - that would be the English gentleman watching Arsenal, his favorite team, playing against Manchester United. I love it when he gets to watch football because I know it's one of the things he misses most. As far as the obscenities go, well they just make me laugh so hard. So I decided to make one of his faves - chocolate chip pancakes to top it off. Unfortunately I forgot to add sugar to the batter! Extra maple syrup anyone?

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