Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sucker for Sandals

I'm such a sucker for email marketing, but Piperlime really does make it so easy to click on "add to cart". I find it much easier to browse around than Zappos, sometimes the Zaps just have way too much inventory and choices and my head starts to spin and eventually I'll X-out.

So, I got these - I've never owned a pair of toe chokers before, so we'll see how these do!


Karen said...

nice...i wish i could wear those kinds of shoes...but you know...cankles suck :-P


Karen, oooh I didn't think about that. I don't think you have cankles! You only had cankles when you were pregsters ;)

ps. for those of you who are NOT familiar with "cankles" - it's the unfortunate condition where your ankles are as thick or almost as thick as your calves (c-a-NKLE)! BUT my friend Karen is crazy - coz she doesn't have cankles!