Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Introducing... Heart Handmade

Here it is guys. Here's what I've been feverishly working on. I decided to soft launch Heart Handmade today so that all my Lifeflix friends can get a sneak peek. I have a couple of posts in there already, but I won't officially start until Monday!

I really hope you guys like it! I'm really looking forward to featuring lots and lots of cool products and the hands behind them! Enjoy!

A special thanks to Hillsy and my friends for providing valuable feedback - you guys are the best.


Luke said...

The new blog looks nice! Congrats! I've been reading LIFEFLIX for a while now, I've just been a dummy and never commented. I always enjoy your craft things, and your food always looks delicious! I'm currently in the process of opening my blog--your has inspired me to pick blogging back up again! :) Thanks always for the good reads!


Hi Luke, thanks for checking out HH and I'm so glad that you like it. Good to hear that you've been inspired - looking forward to reading chortles. Give me a shout when you get it up and running!