Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Window Shopping

I've been really good with not shopping lately, especially after all the wedding/holiday spending. But a girl can window shop...

Rainbow falls necklace $230.00 Sundance Catalog
Victorian florets earrings $320.00 Sundance Catalog
Luna/sol necklace $148.00 Sundance Catalog
Forbidden Fruit Necklace $69.95 (was $128.00)

I also couldn't resist browsing the Piperlime tag sale. Kenneth Cole's Peek Peek remind me of jelly shoes that I used to wear as a kid. The Finny, is the type of shoe that I adore but would probably just collect dust under my bed (from the lack of "right" clothes to go with it). The Capri - well, I'm a sucker for flats.

Happy shopping! OK I'm out - I need to peel myself off of this laptop, get my head together and come up with my next project. I think I may have crafter's block. Speak to you tomorrow!

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jade said...

girl has style :)