Monday, January 7, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up: Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

First of all, a big thank you to Jessica and Kathy (for you know what!)

So my first weekend back in the city was quite buzzy. Although, Friday was rather quiet. It was so funny, I received a text from my friend Jade "Are you out tonight by any chance?" I responded 12:15 I'm afraid not - I'm currently wearing a mud lavender face mask and about to remove it with a scrub =)

As predicted, I was too lazy to cook dinner on Friday so the frozen meatballs and sauce came in handy.

Saturday was full of errands:
- Spinning
- Picked up a cup of Black Tea Soy Latte for the walk home
- Picked up laundry
- Dropped-off gym bag & laundry at home (5th floor walk-up)
- Walk to Apple Store. The evil MacBook that hates me, has been shutting down on battery. Battery replaced.
- Brunch at favorite Diner
- Attempted to pick up a customized stamp that I ordered before Christmas. Not yet ready - annoying.
- Duane Reade
- Walk home. 5 flights up. Ooops forgot to go to the candy shop.
- Candy shop
- Stationery shop to pick up shipping supplies
- Grocery store to pick up stuff for dinner

Home sweet home (5 more flights up)

Sunday was a little more relaxing than Saturday. Zandra and I decide to meet up and watch a chick flick. We chose the least likely film that we could convince our other halves to watch. Well, at least without a)blindfolding them on the way to the theater, b)duct-taping both arms and legs and finally c)crazy gluing them onto the seats. The movie was pretty good, it was definitely a tear jerker. Zandra and I were sniffling and tilting our heads up to keep the tears from falling =)


Kathy said...

you're welcome!! i love it!!


Kathy, I'm so glad!!!