Friday, January 18, 2008

Frustrated Knitter

I've been going nuts looking for an EASY slouchy beret knitting pattern since I took my knitting class.

These look simple at first, but then I get caught up with some (most) of the terms and eventually freak out and get annoyed at myself for not having the patience to stick with it.

:: Purl Bee Beret
:: Tam Topper
:: Lé Slouch

Maybe I should just bite the bullet and take one of those "projects" classes where you bring in a pattern and the instructor helps you with the project. I was talking to Zandra about it last night, explaining to her that my brain is refusing to absorb. I'm having a really tough time going beyond knitting and purling. I don't know what it is about knitting, but my brain seems to shut itself off... so frustrating.

If you have any pointers or know of an EASY EASY pattern that I can try, I'd really appreciate it.


Cea said...

yeah something like that

or similar to these

I like the ones that just rest at the top of your head and go along the back of your head.
not too long but not too short. :)

I might just end up buying it. if only they werent all sold out at forever 21's here.


check urban outfitters: