Monday, December 17, 2007

The perfect knitting project

My latest project...

I got curious about knitting four or five years ago. Bought tons of supplies - books, needles and yarns. I even made a couple of scarves and purses, but never got passed the basic knit and purl. I never got fast enough, projects always took too long to finish and eventually I stopped.

Then I saw this baby - a 1 skein scarf project (via swissmiss) and my curiosity was suddenly reinvigorated. Luckily, I kept my supplies.

I can definitely deal with this low-commitment project.
One ball of yarn and you're done.

Since I was recuperating from my Saturday night, this was a perfect Sunday activity. I ran to my local yarn shop and bought this super soft alpaca wool blend and snuck right back into the couch.

Of course, I had a hard time deciphering the pattern - so I decided to stick to a basic brioche stitch. I found some really useful videos up on youtube. Check out this video and this one if you're interested in learning how to work a brioche rib.

I'm making this one for Hillsy - he has a hard time with the whole wrapping around scarf thing, so this scarf is perfect for him!! I wonder if I can make him model the scarf when I'm done (without a shirt on)?


nycLV1 said...

Burdy , if you make me one of these awesome scarves, i will buy it from you. What do ya say? The look really cool!


Sure thing. I'll email you with details =)