Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How to: Insulate your Windows for Winter

Guess what fun activity we'll be doing this weekend?

... insulating our old drafty windows in an attempt to keep warm this winter. Sometimes, I want to kill my landlord because the boiler in our apartment fails to work every now and then, leaving us with no heat and hot water for the day. Keep in mind, our building was built in 1895 so I don't expect a hi-tech heating system but some warm air kicking in when it's 10F degrees out would be nice. Unfortunately we can't control the thermostat so when it's on it's on and when it's off ... well I'm pretty much in a blanket.

So I've been researching the best (and cheapest) way to insulate windows and found a couple of good resources. You can insulate your windows from both the outside and inside (heck why not do both!).

:: Step by step guide to insulating your windows by
:: How to build a wooden removable frame to avoid having to shrink-wrap every year

How-to video from


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! Looks like I'm gonna have to try this one. Hopefully it will work so I don't have to freeze my arse off again this winter! Thanks. I'll make sure I let you know how it works for me!


Good luck!
We've done one of our windows so far and there's definitely a difference. Unfortunately my window sills are not exactly even, so some of the tape isn't flush flat which has caused the tape to wrinkle up and lift up. I've had to mend this by adding thicker clear tape over the tape that comes with the 3M package.

Edward Vielmetti said...

If you don't need to see through the window, but do need light, one alternative is bubble wrap. Here's a summary of the bubble wrap window insulation advice that I put together.