Wednesday, November 7, 2007

$700 Stroller

I don't usually cover baby products but I had to make an exception for this wonder. I'm no baby expert but this Musty 4-Rider Light Stroller looks like it would be a dream to stroll around the streets on NYC. It doesn't look bulky and it's nice to have your kid in a higher position - I think it's ideal for the filthy city sidewalks. Have you ever checked your feet after walking in flip-flops all day? Exactly!

$700 seems a tad expensive no? Or maybe I'm just a naive singleton and has no clue what the going rates are for these things. I wonder if this model is 100,000 times better than a $200 model? Any mothers out there willing to chime in and provide Lifeflix childless readers a little primer on this topic? Let me us know if we should all start a stroller fund now!

By the way, I found this stroller while reading one of my favorite sites They always cover the best products for children. If you're interested in buying this lovely $700 stroller, you can get it at or at


Karen said...

while i was pregos with my second (julia), i told people that the only thing i wanted was the Bugaboo...but of course, i never got it :-( and after having 2 kids for over a year now...i'm happy to say i was able to live without one!!! i suggest this: if you do have the money...and you live in the city...then go for the fancy stroller. the wheels are meant to be rolling over the streets and sidewalks of NYC and the like. but...if you live in the suburbs, then don't do it! i LAUGH when i see people in malls using one of those stollers. it's so unnecessary!!! i have come to find out that strollers are like cars...people consider them a reflection of your status in life (mainly monetary status)...a mercedes/bugaboo must mean that you're well accord/mclaren - middle class and so it's safe to say that even if i got a Bugaboo...i probably would be too self-conscious to stroll it around :-)


I completely agree. If you live in the city and basically cart your kid everywhere, then it makes sense to invest in a stroller that might make things a little easier. But if you're just using it in between car rides and Target then I guess it's not necessary. But at the same time, how much of the crap we buy is really necessary ;-)

Liza said...

My husband and I succumbed to the Bugaboo...BUT, it's the new model: less $$ and collapsible - a MUST for us non-car people who solely rely on public transportation. I have to say, those high strollers scare me...the center of gravity is higher and that can be a long way done to a concrete floor. OY!
We're taking our newborn on her first stroller outing in the "BEE" tmw. Even that scares me.
(Admittedly, Marichelle, that pram has GREAT looks!)


Congratulations Liza, Charlotte is the cutest AND did you hire a makeup artist to touch you up during the entire ordeal? Coz I've never seen a mommy who just spent hours pushing 6 lbs an 20" out looking so relaxed... and glowing!!!

Let us know how the BEE performs!

The Cooking Ninja said...

hehehe...this is not the most expensive stroller. I love this Stokke Stroller costing about $800.00 just the basic. The whole package combo would come up to nearly $1 k.


Oooh nice one - I actually saw a bunch of these on the streets today. The Stokke kind of reminds me of the Segway (a pram for adults). I hardly see anyone on these in the city, but when I do I can't help but laugh =)