Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up: Entry points sealed

I can't believe how nice it was this weekend AND it's going to be 78°F today AND it's October (almost November)! It's suppose to dip down in the 60s by mid-week, but I still can't complain.

Shortly after I reported feeling uninspired (and getting shitted on), I finally found some inspiration and started working on a new project. I don't have much to show for yet, but I think it's going to be a good one. Unfortunately, it's a time-sensitive project so there is a bit of a pressure. Of course a new project means new supplies so I spent my rainy Friday afternoon picking up tons of wool felt squares from City Quilter and a new bundle of fabric from Purl Patchwork. Let's just say that I'm way over my craft budget for the month.

I was working on it all weekend and I'm slowly realizing that it's going to take much longer than I initially thought. Of course! I don't want to reveal too much just yet, but it involves wool felt, embroidery and appliqué!

Usual morning, except we had breakfast next to Parker Posey at one of our favorite breakfast places. She's got such a distinct voice or maybe it's her intonation - I didn't even recognize her until she started speaking. Now I love her even more. She wasn't made up at all - no makeup, hair not done up, she had the I completely just walked out of my apartment on a Saturday morning to enjoy a great cup of coffee look. Maybe it's the perks of living in NYC, where no one really gives a hoot (or at least pretends not to) versus L.A.? Or just the perks of being an actress that mainly does Indie films and stays clear of extracurricular activities that would land her straight into the pages of

Tried a new recipe - Gratin d'endives au jambon. A new way to eat endives! I got the recipe from a fellow blogger cooking ninja. Details on Last Night's Dinner #44.

Mouse hunting went well. We cleared out the entire kitchen and sealed up all conspicuous holes. We (he) ended up re-washing everything in the cabinets. The barricade is still up, but just until next week until I'm 100% confident that Mr. Mighty has checked out for good.

I spent a good amount of time planning out this week's menu and writing up the shopping list, let's hope I end up cooking it all... (and yes, they're all from my new Batali cookbooks!)

:: Tagliatelle Bolognese
:: Pork Loin alla Porchetta
:: Chicken Livers with Leeks, Balsamic Vinegar and Dried Apricots
:: Spiedini of Sea Scallops
:: Baked Lasagna
:: Snapper Livornese


Tom said...

I haven't seen her new movie but I remember watching a Parker Posey flick back in the 90's...She's lucky I'm a big Eric Stoltz fan. It was the movie called, "sleep with me" with Meg Tilly. She looks the same it's scary (some people just don't change do our cousin bong).

Anonymous said...

I see Parker Posey on my block every once in a while as she drops off her dog at the doggy day care.