Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. Mine was semi-busy. We kicked it off with a nice dinner on Friday night at Vatan's with a few of Hillsy's friends. I've twisted his arm and he'll soon be providing a full review of Vatan. It was nice to catch up with everyone. New boyfriends, new jobs, great vacation plans - all around the group was in good spirits.

Saturday was business as usual - spinning bright and early followed by a gigantic bread basket at Le Pain Quotidien. Walked home in the rain (completely unexpected). I usually hate getting rained on, but it got to the point (soaking point) where I couldn't help but just laugh it off. It was fun after a while, I just hope I don't get sick. I know I know that there's no scientific proof but I grew up with a mother that thought sleeping with your hair wet could lead to depression! Anyway, we then caught an early showing of Into the Wild - great movie, go see it. It's one of those movies that are so powerful that it actually makes you think about your own life. I'll provide a proper review shortly. Saturday buzzing ended with a trip to the groceries and a final stop to pick up Vietnamese food for late lunch/early dinner.

I also saw a surprisingly great film on DVD last night - Broken English. Again, highly recommend it. It's a typical story where Parker Posey plays a thirty something single in the city looking for love. Her character has the worst luck when it comes to dating, then she meets a French guy (of course the guy is hot and lives in Paris)... I don't want to ruin the whole thing. I guess you can categorize it as a chick flick but a quiet and subtle one. It goes a little deeper than a typical Cameron Diaz flick. Parker Posey is great in it, as usual. And if the story doesn't end up moving you, I know you won't really kill me because I'm sure watching the typically romantic hot frenchy wasn't too torturous (well at least not in that way).

Unfortunately, my plans to meet up with the long lost friend on Sunday fell through. But hey at least my apartment is clean! We've rescheduled for next week, so the saga continues. I spent most of Sunday organizing for the week and preparing for a couple of new projects. Did anyone else catch any other good movies this weekend?

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AW said...

those two movies sound good. i'm going to try and drag the hubby to see a chick flick!! anyway, we saw an oscar contender on Saturday, Superbad. There's nothing like a high school movie to make you say, "Thank goodness those years are over!"